About Lee Piano Service

Lee Piano Service was established in 1996 offering Piano Tuning, Regulation, Voicing & Rebuilding in Phoenix, Arizona within a radius < 100 miles. It's owned and operated by Eliot Lee, a registered piano technician.

A registered piano technician must take 9 tests within one year and pass with at least 80% in order to become certified.  These tests are basic tuning, regulation and repair tests with in a specified time alotment.  You can be assured that most issues that a piano might have can be fixed by an RPT.  It is not only what we know but who we know.  Without collaboration and support from the Piano Technology community the right person might not be fixing the job.

The basic piano tuning takes couple of hours and extra time if a pitch raise is needed. A piano needs a pitch raise if it is more than 1/4 step flat. He has prety much the median rate for Registered Piano Technicians.  

This year Eliot is the Annual Seminar organizer. Jude Reveley, RPT will be giving an all day seminar on January 10,2015 at Arizona Piano Company.